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Armed Forces Spirit Page



Site Name Spirit Points Date Updated
Golden Dreams
India Info Centre
Remembering the 50's
Yugioh's Unlimited 8940 04/18/2010
ChaserBlue's Fiction Archive
Remember Our Troops 280 04/18/2010
World of Web Comps 1430 05/04/2009 DBR
Angel's Update 1505 03/08/2009 DBR


Show your spirit and earn some points while doing it!

What Are Spirit Points?

Spirit Points are different from the Bonus Points you earn for voting for yourself and cheering.  Spirit points are used to "purchase" fun stuff throughout the competition.  The main place you can make use of them is at the Shopping Plaza. You can buy advertising for your site, tags and fun graphics, custom websets, and other fun things.  You can also "buy votes" (completely legal, I promise). So visit the plaza to see much of what is available. There are also other places where you can use your points, just look around the comp and keep your eyes open.

How to earn Spirit Points?

1. Donate a graphic or a cheer for the team to use, and
earn yourself 25 Spirit Points, per graphic you send
to Officer Gemini


2. Join the Spirit Page Competition. Earn 50 points for joining.
25 each week after that while you are competing in it!
Currently unavailable.

3. Join the Web Leagues Web ring. Earn 50 points
for joining.

4. Recruit a new member! Earn 100 Spirit Points for
each new member you bring to Web Leagues or MHS!

Click Give Me Spirit Points and let me know what you have done with the email that will open (or simply email me the info to Officer Gemini).

Spirit Point Bank  
Click Here
Report points or any problems with your points please email Officer Gemini


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