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How to earn Spirit Points

1) Vote for yourself and earn 5 points daily.

2) Cheer for the team! You will receive 10 points per cheer per day!

3) Donate an original cheer and you will earn 10 extra bonus
points for each cheer, for a maximum of up to 3 cheers
and 30 bonus points per week.

4) Recruit a new member to join the MHS side of the Webleagues
and you will earn 100 spirit points for each new fighter who signs up.
There is no weekly maximum on the number of points you can
earn with new member sign-up!!

5) Make a Spirit Page and you will get 50 points.


Site Points This week Total
American Civil War *^* *^*
Family Heroes *^* *^*
Flags of our Fathers *^* *^*
Fort Wilderness *^* *^*
Jackie *^* *^*
Lover of Poems *^* *^*
Majic Angel *^* *^*
Shubhomeet - Dominion of Boomboom *^* *^*
The Broken Cowboy *^* *^*
The Playhouse Parents & PSP *^* *^*

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