Welcome to Bingo!

The Bingo! game is an optional fun activity to do, for competitors at
Fairy Musings, WebLeagues, Fantasy Leagues and Mystical Meadows!

Players in the game will be able to choose up to 4 cards PER SITE when they fill out the join form.
If you want more than 4 cards, and have more than 1 site at any of the above competitions,
please fill out the form for each of your sites and request more cards!
EXAMPLE: Your Site#1 - 4 cards, Your Site #2 - 4 cards, etc.

At least one game per week will be played. More, of course, if there is time! :-)

For each Bingo! per week that you call, you will be given 5 bonus points at your level of competition, including upper levels!
Example: 3 of your cards each have a bingo - you will get 15 bonus points.

You will be added to the BINGO mailing list as soon as I receive
your join form.

I will be sending the numbers through the Bingo mailing list ONLY.
You MUST send me an email when you get a BINGO,
you won't automatically win!

If you wish to play Bingo! with us, please fill out our small join form (link below).
Make sure you put all information on the form, or it wont get to us. Thanks!


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designed by Lady Alice for Fairy Musings, WebLeagues, Fantasy Leagues and Mystical Meadows.