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Here's some tips and suggestions to get you started

Guess what... all of us were at one time or another, so we're here to help you.  All of our Team Leaders are experienced and know what it's like to be a newbie, so let them know and they will be happy to help you. Since you clicked on this link I'm assuming that you need some help right away so here's some pointers to get you started.

The Welcome letter...

 from your TL (Team Leader). You read that, right,  and understood everything? If not, all you need to do is ask your TL to clarify a particular point. Also you should have been signed up for your Team's mailing list... why not pose some questions to them? Most team members will be happy to help you along and you'll meet your fellow members that way too! What a great 'ice-breaker.'

Team Pages...

Ok, now would be a great good time to familiarize yourself with your Team's 'home,' and look over all of the pages. There you will find voting times, voting days and the rules for competing. You can see who your team mates are by looking at the Roster Page. The Vote Page will show you the levels of where everyone on your team is at for the current week. Each team has numerous pages full of helpful information. Alright now that you got the hang of your team pages, how about the Web Leagues main pages????

Web Leagues Main Pages...

Yikes..what have you just gotten yourself into, there are dozens of links here and you don't know what they mean ?!?! If you're feeling a little over whelmed, don't worry about it... we don't expect you to grasp everything over night! Let's take a look at some of the things/links on the main page, ok?

These are the general rules for the Web Leagues.

How Our Competition Works:
This will explain our various levels and the requirements for each one. You will catch on to this as you go along :)

Join Our Competition:
This is where you sign-up to join the Web Leagues as a competitor or as a member of our Staff.  There will be a few questions here for you to make your choices then just submit your application.

Help Wanted:
Here we have various listings of the Staff positions and which positions are available. For instance,  if we need an Assistant TL, that will be posted on this page. You will also see a description of all of the Staff positions.

Prizes You Will Win:  
Ohhh, that's a goodie page and everyone likes to see what all of this competing and 'fighting' will get them. This page outlines all of the prizes we offer for the various levels of competition.

The Teams:
Clicking on these links will take you to all of the teams we have. Why not take a stroll around their pages?

Higher Levels:
When you get here you'll probably be a seasoned fighter, having won your team's levels and now you're ready for the 'big time.' For more details about these upper levels, go to "How Our Competition Works" link.

Meet Our Staff:
Well, that's exactly what it means. Want to see who the administrators and other staff are, and learn a little bit about them? Just click on the link.

Adoption Shoppe:
Another goodie page that is loaded with things for you to buy with your Spirit Points. Pages and pages of personalized graphics, blinkies, signatures, globes and many other things.

Who Are the Designers:
This is where you can meet our Designer Bears who create the graphics and run the Bear Web Shoppe.

Founder's Spirit Awards:
Our founder, Lord Boomboom, visits our pages and will award gifts for exceptional sites, spirit, and good will.

Web Leagues Events:
This will keep you up-dated on various special events, games and contests, run by our GameKeeper.

Spirit Page Competition:
A Spirit Page is a page you create specifically themed for the Web Leagues. This is a separate WL competition which is entirely voluntary and the complete rules and criteria are posted on the page.

Holiday Page Competition:
This is similar to a Spirit Page but is themed for the current holiday. Your TL or the WL owners will keep you informed of this event.

What is VE?
Hmmm, good question and if you're brand new to the competition world this is something you really need to check out.

Web Leagues Terminology

A VE is an abbreviation for , 'Vote Exchange,' where you have a partner list and mutually agree to vote for all of the partners on your list.

VE Boards:
 These online groups have been created by fighters and members of the competition world. These are sites where competitors who need votes can go to sign up and become part of a VE Board or Club. At each board, you will find many other competitors who are in various competitions around the Web. You should make every effort to visit all of the sites on the board you choose, to show them you are not blind voting. Each board has its own set of rules and instructions, so be sure to read them. VE Boards also have a vote page which gives you an easy place from which to vote for all of your new supporters and for them to vote for you.  Remember--you are supporting them too, so be sure to be an honest VE buddy and follow the board's rules.

What is Blind Voting?
This is voting for a site without first visiting the site.  The Web Leagues does not support blind voting which means you need to visit a potential VE partner's site prior to making an agreement. Visiting  others' sites is really fun to do, you'll see sites of every topic imaginable, make some friends along the way, and you might even learn some interesting facts too! Ready to learn how to find these VE partners? Read on.....

VE Boards We suggest:

CoffeeHouse Nuts VE Board,
Emerald's VE Club,
Southern Rose VE Board:
Hey You Sirs Fight Club:

These are just a few suggestions and the Web Leagues does not have any professional affiliation with these sites.  We have posted them for you to help you establish your own VE partnerships. Belonging to a VE club is not a requirement for being a Web Leagues competitor or member.

 TL and ATL
 Abbreviations for, Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader

Spirit Points
Spirit points are are 'bonus' points that you can earn for participation in WL sponsored events, special contests organized by each TL, posting cheers, self-voting, being promoted to a higher level within the WL's, and a variety of other ways.  Spirit Points can be used to purchase items from the WebLeagues Shopping Plaza, or your own team's spirit shoppe!.

Have you ever been to a sporting event and listened to the cadence of the Cheer Leaders?  Well, cheering for your team here at the WL's is of the same concept only you post your cheers in the team's guest book or at the team's board.  Why don't I just give you an example:

I  have the spirit that I want to share with you
Hooray for the Preservation Leagues
The team that's tops so true
Hooray for the Preservation Leagues
with members that are true blue

Ok, do you think this was enough to get your started..do you have any more questions..suggestions..ideas? Anything else you think should be posted on this page?  Then just contact Amaranthine,Alice or Lord Boomboom, and we will be happy to help you.

Web Leagues Links

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