Welcome to the Pet Leagues
The section of Web Leagues only for our cute pet friends. I am Lady Silvermist, the Leader of these sections.
All pets that you own are eligible to participate in this competition. We however need a 200x200 photo of your pet.
All present members and staff of Web Leagues as well as non-members can also participate and enter your pets.
In short we are open to all members. :)

Let us see how our Pet Leagues works. All pets start at the "Pet Walk", our bottom-most level.
The top 6 pets from this level move on to the "Favourites", our middle level while the others stay on at the "Pet Walk".
The top 3 "Favourites" will move on to the "Win our Hearts" level and the others move back to the "Pet Walk".
This is our final level. The pet who can "win our heart" 3 weeks in a row will retire and qualify for our "Pet of the Year" contest
that will take place next year. All other pets move back to the "Pet Walk ".

Visit our Pet Leagues Hall of Fame here 

So do you want your pet to Win Our Hearts at the Leagues.
Then what are you waiting for. Just enter him/her into our competition.
Just click on the Join button below. 

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