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Here are some Graphic cheers and Text Cheers you can use to show your spirit.

The cheers you can copy here and paste at the Cheerboard

One cheer a day gives you 10 votes a day.





We are the Pets of the Pet Leagues
You will find not so far..
We'll always be right by your side
Come on now lets take the ride

Hey now everyone look at me
I am special can't you see
I fight for spirit sand friendships true
Pet Leagues are gonna RULE

Do you see that falling star
It's the Pet Leagues from afar
They have come to shout
They well show us all about
The meaning of spirit

Pets at Pet Leagues
from above
Full of friendship
full of Love
Lend your hand
Let's take a stand
Share your spirit
I want to hear it

I hear the shouting from afar
Lo and behold I know
who we are!!!
We're the Pets
from the Pet Leagues
Oh come with me
And take the flight
To see us win
OH MY, what a sight
So come on now
Just come with me
The Pets of the Pet Leagues
that's you and me

Pets here and Pets there
I see the Pets everywhere
We're here for friendship oh so true
With all the Pets you'll never be blue
Now get on up off your seats
Vote for the ones that can't be beat
Pet Leagues

Pets, Pets of the Pet Leagues
How I wonder where they are
Up above the skies so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Pets, Pets of the Pet Leagues
Well I know just where they are
They come from here, come from there
We are all winners and we have FLAIR

Let's show all how we play the game
We are here for Friendship and Fame
We have the spirit it shines so bright
Pets fight with all their might
So come on Pets from above
Give us your votes and fill it with Love
Get out and cheer and yell it real loud
For if you do you'll draw a large crowd

Pets of the Pet Leagues
We ROCK hard by far
We are here to shine
We're in the nick of time
Our Spirits shine BRIGHT
We fight with all our MIGHT
So come on down

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