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Your visit to this page shows that you are interested in supporting our site or at least you've been thinking about it. In any case thank you for this. Here's how you can support our site.

You might ask why we take sponsors, donations etc. Well Web Leagues is run by 2 people - Boomboom, a student and Amaranthine, a housewife. Web Leagues was concieved with the notion of providing a common platform for people all over the world and to show their talent and creativity. Hence our awards are very simple as our token of appreciation. To be more precise the entire cost is met by Amaranthine as me being a student still don't earn. So thats why we are asking you to donate and support the site. All amounts received via this method will go towards the competition. The founders will not use the money for their personal use. The only use will be to provide prizes and prizes and more prizes....:)) for the members. We won't even use this money for covering the site's hosting as far as possible. Because as I said if we are really short in funds then and ONLY then we will use this money for the hosting. And yeah I might get a job in 2 years and then you'll see LOL.

Okay so now you might ask how do you sponsor or donate or support us? Right now the only means by which we do this is PayPal. This is the only way by which we take money right now. Of course you can use your Credit Card to donate to us. Just follow the link below.
All transactions will appear in your credit card as STARSHINE actually starshine is our official sponsorship manager.

Also after you fill out the form, PLEASE send an email clearly stating your name, email, site URL, the appropriate banner for which you are sponsoring. Please send email to The Founder

Please click on the appropriate button after the corresponding offer to pay.

The Donations can be of any amount and anything above $10 will get you a Banner Rotation on our site for 2 months. If donation is below $10 you get your banners permanently placed in our supporters page.

Okay now lets come to Sponsorship. This scheme is solely for your advertisement purposes. In this scheme you can sponsor us and Buy Ad Space for yourself on our site. The first option is display of a 468 x 60 banner in our top banner rotation panel. The banner rotation shows a random banner. But depending on your sponsorship amount the priority of your banner will be increased. This banner panel is present in ALL our pages.

Offer 1. The duration of the Banners to be rotated are as follows:

1 Month - $10
2 Months - $20
3 Months - $30
Above 3 Months - $5 extra per month.

Special Yearly Subscription Offer - 1 Year ONLY $60 (Save $15)

Another major Banner Space we sell is in our Site Map. In our Side Menu we have a 125 x 125 button and we also provide a 468 x 60 banner space in the bottom of the site map.

Offer 2. The Cost for 125 x 125 banner:
1 Month - $15
2 Months - $25
Above 2 Months - $5 per month

Special Yearly Subscription Offer - 1 Year ONLY $55 (Save $20)

Offer 3. The cost for the 468 x 60 bottom space:
1 Month - $10
2 Months - $20
Above 2 Months - $5 per month.

Special Yearly Subscription Offer - 1 Year ONLY $50 (Save $20)

Remember Sponsorship Offer 2 and 3 are NOT Banner Rotation. They are static advertisements. So if you book for say 1 Month your Banner will stay there continuously without Break :) for 1 Month and so on.

So do you think you will be able to support us? Our membership is growing and they have a huge vote bank who come daily to vote for them. So your chances of being spotted are more. Please click the link below to pay for the subscriptions.


Contact: Amaranthine, Alice or Lord Boomboom

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