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Welcome everyone to the Web Leagues Staff Pages. So you want to know more about who all are behind the scenes here. We are all a bunch of wonderful people :) and are always there for any help which you require. You will find some info about all the staff members below. If you are a staff member and you are not listed here then please email me at and I will get you added.

Click on the name of each person to see a small bio of them. If the staff member has been generous they have provided us with their pics too ;) I would appreciate all staff who have not sent a photo to kindly consider sending one :)


Lord Boomboom

Lady Amaranthine

Lady Alice

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Team Leaders

VE Teams

Armed Forces
TL - Officer Gemini
ATL - General

Friendship Leagues
TL - Gen
ATL - Lord Boomboom

Haunted Leagues
TL - Gen
ATL - Lady Margaret

Heroes Leagues
TL - Sgt. Hushman
ATL - Officer-in-Charge

Serenity Leagues
TL - Lady Lisa
ATL - Amaranthine

NVE Teams

Art Leagues
TL - Haldis
ATL - Thadea

Endangered Leagues
TL - Aleid
ATL - Alice

Mystery Leagues
TL - Alice
ATL - Aleid

Riderless Horses
TL - Squadron Leader
ATL - Amaranthine

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