I'm born and raised in The Netherlands now 50+ years ago.
In my married period I had 2 boys and they are 32 and 30 now
27 years ago I started with showing and breeding purebred St. Bernard dogs
The last 18 years I am more specialist in breeding and showing the Shih tzu.
The picture is of of me and a few of my younger Shih Tzuís.

My homepage is a dedication to my Dogs.

Beside the dogs I am constant busy with learning all kind of things on the computer.
sStill learning PSP and at the same time working hard to make a new homepage.
I'm very glad that I could become the teamleader for the Endangered Leagues team.
I'm a fighter against animal abuse and injustice done to Animals.
They cannot speak so we have to do that for them.
My homepage is Bison Staete Shih tzu

I started as TL for Eastern Hemisphere and after the First reorganisation I became TL for Preservation Leagues and The League of Canyons this was all under the name Amun.

Also very proud to be running Pet Leagues and it is a success and I am very thankful that I got a mail from Amaranthine that they discussed together and gave me Pet Leagues in ownership.

After the summer I am running Pet Leagues, TL for Endangered Leagues and ATL for Mystery Leagues.

Also running the VE Canyons and Rivers upper level.

This all under my real name ďAleidĒ