Alice / Lady Alice

Hi, I am Alice, Co-Owner of Webleagues.
I was born and grew up in the great state of Texas...In a little town called Santa Fe.
I am now in Alabama, USA. It's ok, but I cant wait to move again!
I have 1 sister who is 5 years younger than I am. I am 45 this year (2014).

I am married, 13 years 10 months now, to a wonderful man I met while I was living in Kentucky.
Paul, my hubby, is from New Jersey. We met in July of 2000, got married in Feb 2001, and went to Germany in June 2001.
We came back to the States in June 2004. Germany was nice. Very laid back. I would love to go again, as long as I could leave anytime I wanted. LOL

We have no children, but we do have 6 VERY spoiled cats, 2 turtles, and a Beta fish! I would have more animals, but Paul says no. :-(

I have been with WebLeagues since 2002 I think...if I can remember that far back.... first as a competitor, then as a Team Leader, and I guess I did a good job so the Administration offered me a Co-Ownership. ( Little did they know I have delusions of grandeur and plan to take over the whole thing one day! *very evil grin* )

Ok, ok, enough of that....LOL I have been entering my personal site into competitions for roughly 15 years now. Started with Battle of the Ancients, as competitor, and then became a Team Leader there. .. I have been a staff member of various competitions over the years. Let's see if I can remember them all.... LOL ... Battle of the Ancients, Golden Elite, Battle of Another Time, Valley Of Wonders, Seven Wonders, Little Dragon Castle...oh pooh, too many to list and some have closed thier doors.

I am currently working full time at ServiceMaster. We clean up after fires and water damages in residential and commercial buildings.
It is defintilely not a job for people who dont like to get dirty! :-) I work long hours, and there is no real schedule.
When a job comes in I have to go right away, no matter if it is 2pm or 2 am. Yes I do go into the office at 8am and supposed to be out by 5pm, but that never happens!

I talk to my computer. Or more accurately, scream at it, when it doesnt do what I want it to do. Paul thinks I am nuts. I have to admit, he's right! LOL

I love to meet new people. Online and in real life. I love to hike, camp, and ride my bike.
Anything outdoors really. I like playing RPG's on my computer or PS3 or Xbox or even Gamecube. Yes, I have them all. What can I say.....I love games. LOL

I hope to learn more about all the members and staff here at WebLeagues! Feel free to write to me anytime! My mailbox is always open! :-) Good Luck to everyone!