Lord Boomboom / Dr. Doom / Crazy Duck

Hello everyone. Thanks for coming to my page. I was born in India and have always lived here. As India is a country with many languages and me being born in a different province than what I actually belong to I must say I am trilingual *grin* I am a B.Tech in Information Technology so I am a computer engineer.
Right now I am working as a software professional.

My family includes my wife, Sumi, who mean a lot to me. We complete 1 year of marriage on May 29th, 2009 and my elder bro and my sis-in-law will complete theirs on May 31st, 2009 :D I am an introvert yet an easy going person. I take time making friends. Making websites are my passion. I also love singing and sketching. I enjoy reading novels, especially thrillers and suspense. And yeah I am a movie buff :)

I started Web Leagues in 2003, as I wanted to follow a different format for the competition. However being alone managing the whole competition and also doing my studies became too overwhelming. It was during this time when I met Amaranthine online and yeah we never looked back after that. Thanks to her, who I must say is my online Mommy :), Web Leagues is still up now. And of course later on as Alice joined us it became more better. I regularly get scoldings from both of them, which they give me to keep me in line :)

Right now I do many things around Web Leagues and I am also the technical support here. The real time voting script being used here has been written by me and I am really proud of it :)

I have many personal websites which belong to many competitions including Web Leagues. I compete at 4 teams here except my own teams. Currently I am competing with Art Leagues, Endangered Leagues and Mystery Leagues in the NVE side and Serenity Leagues in the VE side.

If you have any questions you can always write to me and let me know :) Thanks again for coming here.