My Name is Gen and I am from Ontario, Canada. I am 26 years old and my favorite tv shows are Charmed,
House, CSIs and lots more. My Favorite hobby is collecting beanie babies and winnie the pooh stuff.
I am a huge Winnie the Pooh Fan. I live with my parents along with 1 dogs and 7 cats. My Website is called "Gen's DazzlingSite" the url is  I am also working part time soon to be Full Time basis for a company in North Carolina Called  Compliant HealthCare Technologies working and maintaining their website and soon to be learning C# programming scripts.

My Competition History.
Golden Elite -  I was a Fairy Duster called "Pooh Fairy" for  about 2 years i think but not sure exactly. I was also a competitor on the Kidz Team a while back. I didnt stay here for very long so i didnt have much duties here.
This Competition is no longer operational. They Closed Down.
Emperor's Gate -  I was a Staff Member at Emperor's Gate for a good number of years i think 4 but not too sure.  I was a Team Leader for Fantasy Dream World Team that I created myself with webset help.  I was also Assistant Team Leader for  Wacky Wicked Witches that was a team at EG also before it closed.  I was also helping out  at the Keiloons which is signing guestbooks and welcoming new members and assigning duties to other Keiloons.  I also helped out with The Spirit Bank by submitting points and stuff.  This competition is no longer operational. They closed down.
Military Honor Salute  -  I was part of Staff at this competition as well and my name was Master Sergeant LOL.  I was an Assistant Team Leader for The Army Team and I was updating rosters,  making awards and so on but  I was only hear for 1 year before I left.  So Not too sure if this counts or not LOL. I think MHS merged in with The Webleagues.
The Web Wars  -  This competition is fairly new and will be opening July 31st 2006.  I am the Site Assistant and Team Leader
for The Babies Team and also doing the Spirit Store as well.  I have been working really hard on making graphics for all the teams that need them and getting things ready for the grand opening.  We are always looking for helpers here.
This competition is no longer operational. They closed down.
The Webleagues - (  - I am known as Gen at The webleagues. I am Team Leader for Friendship Team, Haunted Team, Mystery Team and I am Team Assistant Leader for Endangered Team.  I maintain the roster pages, vote pages and do graphic awards on a weekly basis.  I am also Team Leader for Petleagues Competition within Webleagues.

 Mystical Meadows - ( - I am currently Team Leader for Mystical Meadows Forever Young and Forever Juveniles teams and also Team Assistant Leader for Mystical Meadows Fairies Team and Magnificient Gnomes Team.
I been updating the roster and vote pages and making the graphic awards. I am known as Princess Gen here.