I am George Hushman and I live in Kerrville, Texas. I Was Born in Anaheim, California in 1936 and graduated from Anaheim Union High School where I studied Journalism and Photography.

As a young boy I was always interested in art and Photography and Was the staff Photographer for my High School From 1952 until I graduated in 1955.

After Graduation I went to work at Disneyland in the Eastman Kodak store on main street, Disneyland. As Sales person in the store. At that time the store was run by The Royal Tone Photo Service. I worked there for two years until 1957. Early that year my Grandparents went to Germany and brought me back a brand new four hundred dollar Rolleiflex camera. I shot many pictures of Disneyland and the California countryside with that camera. I drove a 1941 pick up truck in those days and my camera was stolen from it as it was parked in the Disneyland parking lot. Thank goodness I had insurance and it was replaced.

I attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California for one year and in 1957 after Disneyland I went to work for The Anaheim Newspaper as their staff Photographer. I have worked in photography all of my life and have several web sites where I publish my photographs.

 In the 50's there was no scanners and all those Digital Cameras that they have today.
I had my own color photo lab to do my own processing and printing of my work.
Today in the year of 2005 they still use the same process, but on a higher standard.