Lady Lisa / Spirit Bear

I am Lady Lisa I live in the north eastern USA near the Ocean I am married 4 years I have 2 cats 2 dogs and 2 bata fish my husband when I met him worked as a manager at compaq computers I always say the computer brought us together. he was laid off during the merge with that other big company lol he is a realtor now he loves it and so do I he is at home more. I help as his secretary kind a lol. I send out news letters and help manage his site and come up with advertising. We do house warming party's for his clients so I plan and get the food for them. I also make house warming baskets for the closings on there new homes.
I love Paint shop pro and my computer in general an addict I guess, I also enjoy scrap booking I even have a book started of my gardens so another hobby is if I can get outside and create I do in my flower gardens I have a few. I enjoy swimming walking bike riding we are kids at heart and still love a good video game we can play together and movies. I love photography and making home videos I love art of all kinds. ok that's it I think .