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So you want to join The Web Leagues as a staff member...thank you. Below you will find the list of positions available. Select the one that you'd like to apply for and fill in the form below. If the form not working email me the details at founder-bb@thewebleagues.com@thewebleagues.com or owner@thewebleagues.com



Team Leaders
You will head the teams that will be maintained here. You will have to maintain the team cheer board, deleting old cheers from previous weeks. You will have to mark the non voters in your group. You take care that all members participate and show the full spirit of The Web Leagues. HTML Knowledge and using a graphics program is a must. FTP knowledge is not necessary but appreciable. The voting script used at WL updates and tallies the scores automatically, but if you wish to add self vote icons, cheer icons, etc, you may do so.


Assistant Team Leaders
You will be required to do all the jobs as the team leader and fill in in case he/she is on LOA or not available. You must also fulfill the above requirements. You have to co-ordinate yourself with the team leader to improve the performances of your group members.


Higher Level League Leaders
You will be required to manage individual higher league levels that we have here. Updating the vote pages will be your major task. Also you will be responsible for any doubts that will be encountered by competitors in your levels. You must understand the format of our competition and the voting system fully. HTML knowledge is a must. FTP knowledge required but not necessary. Graphics knowledge will be an added incentive. You must be able to dedicate at least 2 hours at the end of voting week to make awards and update pages for the following week.


Assistant Higher level League Leaders
You will be required to do all the tasks above and also helping the Leaders if he/she faces any problems. You also must all the above specified knowledge. You will fill in, if in case your leader is on LOA or not available due to any reason.


Designer Bears
You will make graphics for The Web Leagues as ordered by your leader. The graphics can be anything from spirit materials, adoptables, dolls, globes etc.


Welcome Leagues
Welcome new members to WebLeagues by signing guestbooks, and/or emailing, letting new members know that we will enjoy having them at Webleagues, and are here to help if new members have any questions.


Invitation Leagues
You are the most important part of The Web Leagues. You will be inviting new sites to join WebLeagues every week. You must be willing to dedicate at least 2 hours per week to this position. Sign guestbooks, invite friends. Graphics will be provided to you if you wish to use them in your invitation correspondence.


Got the position of your choice. Please fill in the form below.
Please fill a separate form for each post you want.

What is your name?

Website URL?

E-mail address?

What Position?
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Assistant Team Leader
Upper Level Assistant Leader
Designer Bear
Welcome Leagues
Invitation Leagues

Tell Us about your experience in being a staff member
somewhere else or
what things you know?

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