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Making ethanol from sugar cane

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Here is where you can find cheers to paste and challenges, special tasks you can do to win large amounts of spirit points. Of course you can always submit original cheers as donations for a one (1) whole SD of spirit points.

And here are your first two challenges. They are worth 1.5 (one and a half) SD:

1) What is the common name for the substance produced in the illustration on this web page?

2) This competition started in Adar B or Adar II. Why does this month have a B or Roman Numeral II after it?

More than Zero

At Thermoplae, there were 300
Fighters standing tall.
Compared to that our team
Is one big zero!
No fighter, a hero,
Even worthy of a laugh.

And you have to laugh,
Chuckle, guffaw, one time or 300.
Say no site fighter is a hero,
How can a bunch of websites stand tall?
We score zero!
Nothing duller than a site fighting team.

Say one good thing about our team!
Even say it and then laugh!
Break the silence that is zero,
Though our small group is less than 300
And we don't stand very tall.
Stay on your feet, and you a hero.

Just being counted makes you a hero,
Being there. There is our team,
Some supine, some sitting, and few tall.
And to see us makes me laugh!
With more joy than I'd feel for 300.
Because one team is one more than zero.

Being here is more than zero.
Yeah sure! It rhymes with hero.
Next I'll tell you we're mightier than 300.
And urge you to vote for this team,
But cliches no longer make even me laugh.
No, I won't urge you to stand tall.

Or to scream Rah-Rah and stand tall.
Or copy and paste when you feel zero,
And it's fine if you want to laugh
Or you don't feel like some hero.
You're one fighter. We're still one team,
And with one, you do not need 300.

Fighter, voter, friend, forget 300.
And thank you for being one of the team.
One is many times more than zero.

Sestina by Haldis K. Guerrin -- March 26, 2014

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Solar energy cheer
Recycling bin cheer
Clean Water and Recycling cheer

Not the Last Dance

One more time we dance.
The band plays an encore.
We circle round once more
Without a backward glance...
Following mirrored lights across the floor.
Who cares what the future has in store...
Just give it one more chance.
Some build, count votes, and fight
Too weary to dream
But not ready to give in.
Let's prolong this night.
Let's say we have a new team
And let's begin.

Sonnet by Haldis K. Guerrin -- March 26, 2014

The cheer images by Elaine are thumbnails. Please click on them for full size versions.

Green products cheer
Rain forest cheer
Alternative fuels cheer

The Hardest Battle

Before blank paper I fear,
How can I urge us on,
When all the other teams are gone?
How can I write a cheer?
An empty way is not clear
And how can I keep on?
When there's no one to respond?
What good is sound without an ear!
It's an impossible task?
When you fight against your friends
To find your "game voice."
You have to ask:
"Is this how it ends?"
And let your "killer instinct," make the choice.

Sonnet by Haldis K. Guerrin -- March 26, 2014

In Honor of the [2010] Redesign

Arise, arise small flame
Grow, glow and shine.
Now is your very own time.
It will never be the same
In heat and light untamed
We begin with new design.
A bead is born so fine.
It's time to proclaim.
At the Weblesgues
They all know that we're here!
They'll see what we can do.
The Artleagues,.
Clear as glass beads this year.
With spirit's shining through.

Sonnet by Haldis K. Guerrin -- August 25, 2010