Environment Leagues Gallery of Graphics

Note: Some of these images were a bit large to display, so this gallery uses clickable thumbnails instead. To see many of the graphics at full size, simply click them and the full size version appears on a separate page.

Note: The images presented on this page reflect the views of the team memebers who create them, not the views of Haldis K. Guerrin, the Environment Leagues as a whole, or the Webleagues competition.

All images on this team by Haldis K. Guerrin are available under a Creative Commons license. Images by other fighters are licensed as they see fit.
Creative Commons License
These images created by Haldis K. Guerrin and available through a Creative Commons License.

Vote at the Webleagues by Amanda Vote at the Pet Leagues by Amanda
New Year's balloon spider
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Happy New Year thumbnails
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Jolly Stapelton Memorial Graphic Pecos Bill sings the National Anthem
Halloween Spider Graffifi Black cat sticking out his tongue
good king wencelsas Christmas Letter

Christmas wooden soldiers
Pumpkin, spider, and witch Dancing Skeleton
Stormalong vs. the Kracken Paul Bunyan, his hatchet, and Blue
Meanwhile back at the ranch Legandary cowboy and tornado
Easter Graphic from Pecos Bill St. Pat's from Bill
Pumpkin surrounded by radioactive candy Earth day graphic
One Point Five to Stay Alive #1 One Point Five to Stay Alive #2
Bill's Valentine Cottage
Happy to All Holidays Happy Hannukah!
Alien Robot with TV in its belly New Year's 2016 at the cabin
Red St.Patrick's Day Calendar with gold border Red St. Patrick's Day Calendar
Green St. Patrick's Day Calendar March Oscar Hype Graphic
Disney Valentine Old car calendar
Big turkey graphic Peaceful Plymouth
Memorial Day Graphic with Flag Memorial Day with Veterans

Valentine's Day Puzzle Graphic
Valentine's Day Tree with Pink Heart Behind it Beige Valentine's Day Graphic
Rosey Pink Valentine's Day Graphic Golden Yellow Valentine's Day Graphic
Northern Lights Ecstasy Assorted Snowmen
Gray and Blue Christmas Calendar Red Christmas Tree Calendar
Family Portrait on Red Background Gingerbread Houses