Weekly Roster 4/24 or 5/1/17 -- 4/27 or 5/4/17

A praying mantis

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Here is the right place to come to learn where you will be fighting. If I make a mistake, and they do happen, please send me an email and I'll get the problem fixed. Other than that, good luck and have a great time fighting.

Fighting in Zephyr we have...

Unicycle Lady Art by Old Rabbit
All Around the World Poet's Paradise
LoveCry 2006 Enchanted Dreams

Fighting on the Power Grid we have...

From the Garden of Zen MNM's World
Dermestidae Enjoyable Recipes
Senator Larry Hicks

Fighting in Explore the Forests we have...

Click my Heels LoveCry Heals

Fighting in Fly Across the Sky we have....

Totally Glee Spiritual Magic

Retired or on extended leave of absence... we have...

Elaine's Angels US Presidents
Death Valley Wildflowers Paper Boy Web Site
Route 66 George's Roadkill Recipes
The Little Shrimp Ark of the Covenant
Bill Baxter DTM
George's Texas Wildflowers Jackie's Spirit Page