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This is the page where you can check on your running totals of spirit points. It serves as a place to keep a record of your spirit points over the long haul. Should we ever re-establish the Spirit Points Bank, this will be where the banker will get your totals. By the way you get both a team wide and converted total. You can use your spirit points to buy various things from the Designer Bears if they ever return to business or some other place to sell your spirit points, or you can just feel proud of your spirit by seeing it as a number. .

The illustrations on this team are of course under a Creative Commons:

Creative Commons License
These images created by Haldis K. Guerrin and available through a Creative Commons License.

If you have any comments about this team design or anything else, email me.

Haldis K. Guerrin
September 19, 2014


Cummulative ArtLeagues Spirit Points

All Around the World 20 NV
600 C
Ark of the Covenenant 460.8 NV
13,824 C
Art by Old Rabbit 73005C
300 NV
9,000 C
Click my Heels 2,670.33 NV
80,110 C
Bill Baxter Self Advocate
1,930.23 ,NV
57,907 C
Death Valley Wildflowers 24142.99C
1,386.33 NV
41,590 C
Dermestidae 21.8 NV
654 C
Elaine's Angels 1,784.9 NV
53,547 C
Enchanted Dreams 1,453.2 NV
43,596 C
Enjoyable Recipes 551.3 NV
16,539 C
George's Roadkill Recipes 2006.2C
1,168.8 NV
35,064 C
Jackie's Spirit Pages 242.17 NV
7,265.1 C
Little Shrimp
365.3 NV
10,791 C
Unicycle Lady 20 NV
600 C
LoveCry 2006 508.83 NV
15,265 C
LoveCry Heals 56347C
1,540.5 NV
46,215 C
MNM's World 284.6 NV
8,538 C
Bill Baxter -- Baritone 146.6 NV
4,398 C
Poet's Paradise 588.4 NV
17,652 fC
Route 66 22135.9C
1,590.6 NV
47,718 C
Spiritual Magic 766.9 NV
23,007 C
Totally Glee 3,379.17 NV
101,376 C
From the Garden of Zen 0.6 NV
18 C
Georges Texas Wildflowers 63441.1C
1,108.6 NV 33,258 C

Retired Fighters

Kitty Mommy's Kitchen 5721c

The World According to Maiden Fair 55108.4C
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