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Haldis K. Guerrin
March 26, 2014

You probably just came from the main Environment Leagues page. You can pick up your participation awards there and see the latest team news.

You can vote for your favorite Environmentalist or have a look at last week's scores.

If you want to know where you are fighting, just click on the Roster.

To learn more about spirit/bonus points, to check your points for the week, stop by the Environmental Spirit Page. Cummulative spirit points for each fighter are at the Running Page.

If you need banners, icons, or swag stop by Environmental Banners and Goodies. To see your high level banners, visit the Sustainable Hall of Fame.

If you need cut and paste cheers, stop by Environmental Cheers and Challenges. Of course if you donate a cheer, I'll be happy to feature it on that page. If you would like to donate an image, I'll be more than happy to display it in the Gallery, where you can see your fellow teammates donated, graphic creations.

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