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What is Spirit?

Spirit is an attitude of loyalty, esprit de'corps, and willingness to give of yourself and your time to the team.

Spirit points are extra points you can earn for doing fun and interesting tasks that make you feel more a part of this team and the the Webleagues. They also award you X-tra points that may make the difference between victory and defeat at the team levels. Spirit tasks make use of your creativity, ingenuity, and intelligenceY. There are tasks that make use of various talents and which pose various levels of challenge. The more work involved in a task, the more points it brings.

On this team you generally (There are exceptions for victory and defeat in the upper levels.) do not get points for fighting, voting, having a birthday, or breathing. If you are in a web site competition, fighting and voting are what you should be doing. Spirit points are for something extra, and we have lots extra.

Also spirit point totals on this team will run VERY low. This is to prevent fighters who are self voting and asking others to vote for them from being swamped by a fighter who has "gotten lucky."

As of March 12, 2012, spirit points earned are fractional multipes of the standard deviation of scores as a Zephyr and on the Power Grid. In the event that there are no Zephyr or Power Grid fighters and at the start of the week when there are no votes, the standard deviation will be set at three (3). In the event that all fighters in the Glass Furnace are tied, the standard deviation will also be set at three (3). Calcuating spirit points based on standard deviation prevents swamping of fighters and works with scores of any number because it reacts automatically to the tightness of the race.

OK, now you are probably either running for cover, or trying to remember how to calculate a standard deviation. It uses only middle school math, though the process has several steps. Our standard deviation is called a sammple SD. Here is how to calculate it:

  1. First, average all the total scores in both the Zephyr and Power Grid rounds. DO NOT INCLUDE SPIRIT POINTS. This is called a mean.

  2. Second, subtract each fighter's score from the mean. Some fighters will have negative numbers. That is perfectly fine. These numbers are called deviances.

  3. Now, take each fighter's deviance and square it (multiply it by itself). You need to do this because standard deviation is always positive and because the last step will not work without it.

  4. Add the squared deviances together.

  5. Divide the sum of the squared deviances by one fewer than the number of Zephyr and Power Grid fighters.

  6. Take the square root of the number you got in the last step, and you have your standard deviation.

Once you have done it a few times, it is not as cumbersome as it looks. I will also make your life easier by posting the running standard deviation every day when I score.

What will feel very strange about standard deviation spirit points is that the multiples of an all ready small number are going to be low. THIS IS BECAUSE 96% OF ALL SCORES SHOULD FALL WITHIN ONLY TWO (2) STANDARD DEVIATIONS OF THE MEAN. What this means is that the realistic mulitples of the standard deviation, the kind that don't swamp scores, are between zero (0) and two (2).

Because spirit points here are low, I multiply them by thirty (30) before handing them to the competition's Spirit Points Bank if we ever have a spirit point bank again. This means our spirit points are a bit higher than what other fighters earn. Conversely, I will devalue any competition wide spirit point awards to one thirtieth (1/30) their original value when translating them into team value points. In the chart you will see two values for your spirit points, and on the Running Values Chart some of you will see three values for your spirit points. One is the Artistic value prior to March 12, 2012. The other is your value under the new system for all points earned after March 12, 2012. This will have an "NV" after it at least for a while. I think that while has become permanent. The third score with a "c" after it is the competition wide value. Again, this should keep things straight. Be prepared for fractional values and much lower scores at team valuation. Note: on Saturday night until I have a first score, you will see an arbitrary value based on a three (3) for standard deviation. Expect that to drop like a rock once I start scoring with real scores. It revives a bit over the course of the week.

And yes you can earn spirit points while you are on hold, over the weekend, during the last week of the month when there is no fighting etc... During long holds, you do not accumulate spirit points. On this team the spirit point clock will start ticking again in late August/early September and stops ticking the last week of May. Should a member leave the competition, his/her spirit points will be divided evenly among the rest of the team unless he/she states otherwise. Spirit points may be transferred or willed like money. Those with multiple sites will find their points evenly distributed unless I can find a way to tie them to a single site.

Let's take a look at all the ways you can earn spirit points:

  1. Have a spirit page on your web site: A spirit page gives both the ArtLeagues and Webleagues free advertising but it is also an opportunity to display your pride in your team and this competition. A spirit page brings you 1/2 (.5) standard deviations per week whether you are fighting or not.

  2. Copy and Paste Cheering: This is one I don't like but have to include. Eessentially it is going through the motions. Each cut and paste cheer you put in the Cheer Board is worth one 1/10 (.1) standard deviations. I've never liked cut and paste cheering. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by writing and even reusing your own cheers.

  3. Original Contribution: There are a lot of very good alternatives to copy and paste cheering. You can write your own cheers, participate in team chats, post to the chat section of the forum, or send e-mail to environmentleagues@thewebleagues.com, the team's email community discussion and news list. Each of these activities is worth 1/2 (.5) standard deviations and you can do them as often as you like.

  4. Donate Something: Group board drawings are all considered donations, but you can also send the One in Search of a Title, Haldis original graphics, midi, cheers, or suggestions. Cheers, midi, and images will find their way to the team's main page and they are worth a whole (1) standard deviation each. You can create as many things as often as you choose. This is a very good way to earn spirit points.

  5. Take a Challenge: Challenges are especially difficult spirit tasks. You can currently write a sonnet or sestina and I often include fairly arcane trivia questions in the team roster message. Challenges are not easy. They are not meant to be. Each challenge correctly or even reasonably completed (and some can be completed several times)is worth one point five (1.5) to two (2) standard deviations. Also if you find a glitch or problem with anything on the Art Leagues site and report it to me, it is worth two standard deviations.

  6. Special Awards: These are spirit point awards given mainly by the competition. You receive a 10, 20, and 40 straight spirit points (at team value, 300, 600, and 1200 at competition value) for winning or losing at the upper levels. These point totals can be higher because they do not influence scores.

  7. If you do the puzzle, it will be worth one and a half (1.5) standard deviations of team value.

Remember I will multiply all standard deviation spirit scores (or upper level bonus points) by thirty (30) before sending them on to the Spirit Bank, so you lose nothing, and gain from a system that should stay fair no matter how wonky Glass Furnace scores get.

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