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Welcome to the Friendship Leagues - The friendliest team at Web Leagues.

I am your Team Leader, Karla
All sites related to friends, family, pets, relationships
and anything will be suitable for our team.
But that doesn't mean we wont be taking other theme sites.

We are a VE Team here at Web Leagues. This means that all sites who are a member of our team are allowed
to vote exchange. If you would like to join a VE Board or know more about vote exchanging feel free to email us.
Please browse through our team pages using the links.
If you feel like joining our team join here.

If you ever feel lost in our team please visit the team site map link to which will be present in all our
pages at the bottom in the drop down menu. The sitemap will list each and every page that exists in our team
and also some main urls in the entire competition.

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