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Week of May 1 - 4, 2017

Welcome to the roster page.

This is the page where all members should come to see

where you will be competing each week.

This page will be updated by every Friday night EST

or at latest Saturday morning EST so that you can update your VE Boards
on time.



At Qualifying Level - 4 self votes to move to Team Level.
At Team Level - 2 self votes to move to next level.

You will be sent a warning email the second week of no self voting.


Voting is Monday through Thursday, 12:00AM to 11:59PM
Eastern Standard Time.

The current EST time is....


Qualifying Level
Self vote 4 days and move to Team Level.


Waiting for contestant

 Team Level

1st and 2nd Place winners are going to Explore The Valleys









Explore the Valleys
Only the highest scoring member moves to Soar the Mountain Tops,
all others return to team level.

 Soar the Mountaintops

Highest scoring member stays, all others return to team level
UNLESS a site is a retiring 4th win member, then the runner up will remain.



Week 4


Week 2



Will Compete in Webleagues site of the year competition.





Members who are currently on leave.




Don't forget to update your vote links!!!

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