I am your hostess, Aleid.

You have made it to Explore the Forests, the
NVE Semi Final level.
This shows you have the strength to be a winner. 

The top winner from here advances to Fly Across the Sky.

* You are allowed to vote for any sit e twice a day, per isp account
* You MUST provide a valid email address during voting

Web Leagues runs on a 4 day vote week. 
Monday through Thursday.
Voting times are Eastern Standard Time
12:00AM - 11:59PM
We are closed Friday - Sunday


Current US EST is






Advances to Fly Across the Sky
= Puzzle Page 15 points per week

= 5 TL awarded bonus points


T = 5 points per day played the game


= Self Vote 5 points per day


Earn bonus vote points.  Click on the icons

                             Daily Game

                              must email Amaranthine

                               your results to get bonus points


Forests Week of:


February 26 - March 1, 2018


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LoveCry 2006

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Bill Baxter -- Baritone
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