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Below you will find a list of Web Leagues members who would like to form
a Vote Exchange partnership.   A VE is an abbreviation for , 'Vote Exchange,'
where you have a partner list and mutually agree to vote for all
of the partners on your list. 
The Web Leagues is against Blind Voting! 
Please visit the sites of your choice before agreeing to a partnership,
then remember ....
Be an honest VE Buddy!

Instructions are simple

1. Visit the member's site and say, "Hello," in their guestbook
2. Determine if this is a site you'd like to support
3. Email the site's owner to let them know you'd like to VE with them
and invite them to visit your site too.

To join our VE Partners board, fill out the short form by clicking HERE.


Shannon's Dr. Quinn World

 Gerda New Lock's Arrow


Golden Dreams


Heather's Place


Sam's World












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